It’s Wine Season!

The leaves have fallen, and the chill in the air means that it’s time for wine season again in Fairbanks!  Now that my seasonal accounts have closed their doors, I finally have a chance to get back to my blog and back to my weekly tastings at Gambardella’s Pasta Bella.

It’s an exciting time for wine-lovers in Fairbanks.  Along with the “Wine Experience” on Monday’s at Sophie’s Station, Tuesday Tastings at Lavelle’s Bistro, informal wine discussion at Bobby’s Downtown on Wednesday, my Thursday tastings at Gambardella’s, and the many fundraiser, Gold Hill and Gavora’s tastings this year, Geraldo’s restaurant will also be hosting tastings once they complete their addition – which includes a wine bar.  More than ever, Fairbanksans will have the opportunity to drink and learn about great wine almost every day of the week, and I couldn’t be happier.

Wine Tastings in Fairbanks – The Details:

“The Wine Experience”

What: A themed selection of wines each week, poured and explained by a local distributor.
Where: Zach’s Restaurant in Sophie’s Station Hotel
When: Mondays at 5pm

Tuesday Tastings

What: A themed tasting of 8 or more wines, with a different focus every week.  Winery representatives often host this tasting, providing in-depth information on the wines in their portfolios.  Light appetizers are provided in the tasting fee.  $35 per person, or $30 for Lavelle’s Wine Guild members.  Please call ahead if you plan on attending.
Where: Lavelle’s Bistro
When: Tuesday Nights at 7pm

“Cork Dorks” – Wine Tasting at Gambardella’s

What: A themed educational tasting each week hosted by yours truly.  This tasting provides provides a relaxed environment for those interested in learning about, and tasting, great wine.  Each week we explore a different theme or region.  Heavy appetizers are included in the tasting fee.  $25 per person.  Please call ahead if you plan on attending.
Where: Gambardella’s Pasta Bella
When: Thursday Nights at 7pm



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